Surface Tours

Guided tour of a diamond mineAn exciting guided surface tour of a working diamond mine.

  • Groups at any time of the day
  • Special Rates for School & Pensioner Groups

Highlights of the tour:

  • History of DiamondsIntroductory DVD of underground operations (15min)
  • Diamond Display Room – replicas of very famous diamonds (from Cullinan Diamond Mine and all over the world
  • Mock up life size underground tunnel – guide explains the construction of tunnels underground
  • Shafts where the kimberlite rock is hoisted from 500m underground to surface
  • Winding Engine Room – heart of the shafts operation
  • Lookout point of the Big Hole – where the volcanic eruption took place 1.2 billion years ago ( 4 times larger and 2 x deeper then Kimberly’s big hole
  • Diamond Cutting and Jewellery shop – where the end product can be viewed and bought (including the 66 facet Cullinan Star Cut which can only be bought at Cullinan Diamonds, which is the last leg of our tour.

During the tour we have a lottery and 1 person in the group can win a replica of our very famous Cullinan Diamond 3106ct, found in 1905 only a mere 9 metres from surface, the mine was only  18 metres deep at that time, up to date still  the largest gemstone ever found in the world.

Extras we offer on the Surface Tour

One tourist per group exceeding 10 people wins a replica of the famous Cullinan Diamond 3106ct

On rainy days we offer tourists the use of raincoats with hoods

We offer groups from Tour Operators our introductory DVD in English, French, German & Mandarin to show on the bus en-route to Cullinan -
This is an option although the auditorium seating 80 pax is still available.

Terms & Conditions

Bookings are Essential

No Children under 10 years of age